This message on Low Back Pain and Chiropractic Medicine is brought to you as a public service by the West Hartford Group (WHG)

The WHG, Inc. is a scholarly, clinical practice think tank dedicated to the acquisition of the social, cultural and professional authority for the chiropractic profession where the Doctor of Chiropractic serves a vital role within the mainstream health delivery system as a non-surgical primary spine care physician dedicated to clinical excellence, intellectual honesty, professional integrity, ethical practice and the delivery of patient-centered, patient-safe, evidence-influenced care and best practice.

West Hartford Group, Inc. was incorporated in 2006 after a group of concerned progressive reform minded chiropractic physicians realized that reform was essential to advance the chiropractic profession in order to achieve social, professional, and cultural authority.

The West Hartford Group, Inc. is neither a political organization nor service organization but a think-tank that has put forth a model of chiropractic care that is consistent with that of the World Federation of Chiropractic and the Chiropractic Strategic Planning Conference. This model is of the chiropractic physician as the spinal health care expert within the health care system, i.e. society’s primary spine care physician.