When you or your loved one is facing a serious illness, the last thing you want to worry about is how much it will cost. FAIR Health has created this website to help you. The goal is to help eliminate the confusion and anxiety around insurers’ payments so that you can focus on getting the care that you need. What you’ll find here at the www.FairHealthConsumer.org website is straightforward, unbiased information about the medical and dental payment process.

A FH Consumer Cost Lookup is a free tool which will give you an honest estimate of how much healthcare providers charge for medical and dental services in your area. It will also tell you how much of that cost you can expect your insurer to cover if you have to go out-of-network for care. It is based on millions of claims that they have collected nationwide.

In addition to the Lookup tool, they provide many other resources to help you make informed decisions about your care. For example, they offer a video that helps guide you through an explanation of benefits form and an educational series titled “FH Reimbursement 101” that breaks down health insurance’s complicated terms and rules. They also offer a useful glossary and guide to healthcare resources.
They have many more tools in development and welcome your suggestions about how they can assist you further.

Visit them at http://www.FairHealthConsumer.org

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