Buckwheat Hull Sleep Pillows
Buckwheat Hull Pillows
The Buckwheat Bed Pillow features buckwheat hulls, which are the durable outer husk of the buckwheat seed. Buckwheat hulls allow constant air circulation through the pillow, keeping you cool and dry. Those with allergies to feathers or synthetics will appreciate buckwheat’s hypo-allergenic nature. Unlike other pillow fillings, buckwheat hulls do not compress under pressure. This reduces stress on your head and neck. Best of all, buckwheat is natural AND eco-friendly.

All-natural, organic buckwheat hull pillows can transform your sleep, your tired muscles – and your life! Regular use of the buckwheat hull Night Pillow with its complete support for head and neck can soothe muscle tensions, offer relief from shoulder/neck tightness, and help prevent headaches. The buckwheat hull filling adjusts itself to the individual form and weight of your head for improved spinal alignment. The constant ventilation of hull pillows keeps them fluffy and fresh.

Buckwheat hull pillows are long lasting and stay cool and dry at night. Learn More CLICK HERE
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Buckwheat & Millet Bed Pillows

Buckwheat pillows provide firm, breathable support, reducing strain on your neck and back
The position you sleep in has direct effects on your health. Sleeping position can affect your respiration, spinal alignment and even wrinkling of the skin. There are proven ways to get a better night’s sleep by using the right pillow, with the right amount of fill and sleeping in the right positions.

The main thing to keep in mind regarding your sleeping position and pillow is the proper support of your neck and spine. You want a pillow that conforms to and supports the curve of your neck with enough firmness to support your head without collapsing. It is fine to sleep on your back or your side (or both) as long as your spine is kept in a neutral position and not bent out of alignment. CLICK TO LEARN MORE